AthlantDiff compares sourcesSome version control systems do not support visualization of file version comparison. For example, you can not find such tool in CVS. However, most of them enable us to use external difference finders. AthlantDiff is a small, powerful and freeware tool, which is included into Devrace Athlant.

AthlantDiff supports 16 different kinds of text files:

  • Object Pascal (*.pas, *.dpr, *.dpk);
  • SQL (*.sql, *.ddl);
  • Delphi Text Forms (*.dfm);
  • C++ (*.cpp; *.h, *.hpp, *.c, *.bpr);
  • Inno Setup files (*.iss);
  • INI files (*.ini);
  • Assembler files (*.asm);
  • HTML files (*.html, *.hm);
  • XML files (*.xml);
  • Visual Basic Script (*.vbs);
  • Visual Basic (*.vb);
  • Java Script (*.js);
  • Java files (*.java);
  • PHP scripts (*.php);
  • PERL scripts (*.pl, *.pm);
  • IDL files (*.idl)

AthlantDiff compares Delphi Text Forms

Athlant Diff compares Inno Setup files


AthlantDiff is very simple. If you would like to compare two files you should run:

diff.exe file1.ext file2.ext

And that is all! If the files are identical AthlantDiff will display the message: Files are identical. Otherwise you will visually see the differences.

Prices in Euro:

112 Professional
63.95 Personal

Volume discounts are available...


Our company is looking to move to Perforce (P4) for Software Control. About 50% of the Development I do is in Delphi. I am looking for a product which hooks into the Delphi IDE and works with the P4 System. I got very excited when I found your Product. >>

Jamie Gilchrist