Athlant Packages (release)

05/24/2007 Athlant 3.04 Professional for Delphi Installation package of Athlant 3.04 Professional for Delphi 5-7, 2005-2007
12/21/2006 Athlant 3 RC 3 Professional for C++ Builder Installation package of Athlant 3 RC 3 Professional for C++ Builder 5-6, 2005-2006
09/06/2003 Athlant for ModelMaker Athlant for ModelMaker (latest release)

Source control systems

03/09/2007 Telelogic Synergy
09/06/2003 CS-RCS (Component Software)
09/06/2003 CVS through CVSProxy (recommended) CVS with CVSProxy (recommended)
09/06/2003 CVS through Jalindi Igloo CVS through Jalindi Igloo
09/06/2003 VisualAge TeamConnection (IBM)
09/06/2003 Microsoft Visual SourceSafe
09/06/2003 Source Integrity (MKS)
09/06/2003 P4 Version Control System (Perforce)
09/06/2003 PVCS Versions Manager (Merant)
09/06/2003 QVCS (Quma Software)
09/06/2003 Rational ClearCase
09/06/2003 StarTeam (Borland)
09/06/2003 Team Coherence (QSC)
09/06/2003 AllChange (Intasoft)
09/06/2003 Code Co-op (Reliable Software)
09/06/2003 SourceOffSite (SourceGear Corporation)
09/06/2003 Seapine Surround SCM (Seapine Software)
09/06/2003 AllFusion Harvest Change Manager (Computer Associates)

Additional tools

09/06/2003 AthlantDiff

Use this freeware tool of visual comparison of text files. It can be used as an external tool for version control system comparison as well as a stand-alone one. Read more about AthlantDiff.

09/06/2003 SCC ProviderTest

Use this utility to check SCC API providers installed on your system. It is very useful to execute this program before Athlant's installation.

Prices in Euro:

112 Professional
63.95 Personal

Volume discounts are available...


This expert looks very nice and integrates with VSS really well. I have not extensively tested it yet, but it did pass a quick "can I work with it" test. (I use it with Visual SourceSafe 6). And what's also important: when I did find a few problems Devrace was able to fix them nearly the same day. >>

Gerrit Beuze, ModelMaker Tools