Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

09/06/2003 :: What is BlazeTop? -

A: The answer may differ depending on your standpoint, so we will give it little by little. First of all, for most users BlazeTop is a visual InterBase/Firebird/Yaffil development and administration tool. In other words it is IDE, which enables you to create databases, edit objects and data, execute and optimize queries, backup databases, control users and their rights on data and database objects, etc.

Secondly, BlazeTop is a family of products under the same name. Each of them is intended for its own database system. Probably you already have BlazeTop for InterBase, Firebird and Yaffil and work is underway on BlazeTop for MySQL. And we are also planning to write branches for other database servers.

In the third place, BlazeTop is an object environment, which can intergate into itself various functions due to the robust mechanism of dynamic plugins. Architecture of BlazeTop IDE is similar to that of Borland Delphi and C++ Builder. BlazeTop is a do-it-yourself so it can be easily adjusted to users' needs and provides them with necessary functionality. For example, if you do not need metadata printing function, you can simply remove the package responsible for this. And you will have both, saving of RAM and decrease of IDE loading time. And vice versa, if you need an additional function, you should only find a corresponding BlazeTop package or write it yourself. It is as simple as creation of components and editors of components in Delphi. If you have ever written components, you will quickly write necessary packages for BlazeTop.

09/06/2003 :: What are its unique features? -

A: As we have already mentioned, BlazeTop's architecture differs from that of other development/administration tools in its dynamic packages, and they easily make BlazeTop fit to any of your requirements. And BlazeTop has no overflowing functionality. All of us know for sure that any great products are becoming more and more cumbersome, acquiring hundreds of buttons when you need only 15 of them! And these products use more and more resources, and it takes them more and more time to load. At the same time there occur more and more errors because of complex relations between growing code parts. And one day you understand that you can use these products no more...

One of the most important BlazeTop's differences we consider its functionality in the form of pluggable dynamic packages. They are not simple plugins that add more items to the main menu. Due to their object architecture, they can be deeply integrated into BlazeTop. Actually even basic BlazeTop functionality is realized on the basis of packages so there is no much difference between the main functionality and additional functions. So it's up to you which packages to install. If you do not need printing, simply do not install the package responsible for it. If you need visual query builder, you add a corresponding package. And you have no unnecessary functions!

The second important BlazeTop's difference is its interface similar to that of Delph IDEi. As any of database objects and most additional tools are realized as components, you can edit their properties in Object Inspector. Programmers are accustomed to this due to Delphi, Visual C++, Visual Basic, etc. And BlazeTop is the first database administration and development tool with such capability. We are sure that many other tools will certainly adopt this approach because it is very handy:

You will also find many other BlazeTop's analogues of Delphi IDE. Each object is a component. Opening them you can edit their properties in Object Inspector or Object Editor (in most cases it is similar to Delphi Code Editor):

You will see that some complex object properties call additional property editors (for example, the Value property of the generator), and an open object is placed into Object Explorer (as if you have put a component on the Delphi form), and you can call for it different component editors there (for example for the object "Database" such editors as "Recompute Selectivity of All Indices", etc are available). All these things make the IDE easy-understandable and handy especially if you tried Delphi or C++ Builder.

Of course these are only a few of numerous differences. You will get to know about all of them while using BlazeTop or reading manuals. The last but not the least BlazeTop's difference is its mobility toward functional stratification of InterBase, Firebird and Yaffil. Their differences are more and more numerous and they might even touch upon client libraries soon. We would like to remind that gds32.dll already has such a change in InterBase 7.0 in order to support longer object names. This will require writing of separate applications for InterBase, Firebird or Yaffil versions and database administration/development tools will not be an exception. And BlazeTop will show its advantageous principle of work with dynamic packages, because it considers InterBase, Firebird and Yaffil to be three different servers. Firebird and Yaffil are separate servers just as MySQL or PostgreSQL. Even now BlazeTop dynamically links up components for access to Firebird and InterBase 7.0. And no considerable changes will prevent BlazeTop from working with all the three servers well.

Release notes for new BlazeTop versions

:: BlazeTop trial version 1.7 - Includes 13 enhancements, 6 bug fixes, UNICODE support,  SQL Editor optimization, and Firebird 2.0 support

:: What’s new in BlazeTop version - Includes 11 enhancements, 6 bug fixes

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