Features and enhancements

  1. Firebird 2 support has been added.
  2. Now Environment Configurator shows versions of loaded modules.
  3. Text syntax highlighting has been considerably optimized. Itís very significant for huge texts (with 10000 and more lines).
  4. DDLExtractor has been considerably optimized.
  5.  New export types have been added to SQL Editor:
    • Copy Text as HTML
    • Copy Text as Delphi String
  6. On opening Source DDL of a table or a view (VIEW) BlazeTop shows DDLís of corresponding objects (indices, triggers, constraints).
  7. SQL Editor has a new ShowBeginEndRegions mode (see Environment Options - Editor - Code Insight). By default it is active. When ShowBeginEndRegions is active, SQL Editor shows links between BEGIN/END operators.
  8. Now SQL Editor has export into Open Office by OLE.
  9.  Extended support of Unicode has been added:
    • support of UTF8 or UNICODE_FSS charsets
    • showing of Unicode data in visual controls (grids, editing fields, etc)
    • editing of Unicode data in visual controls (grids, editing fields, etc)
    • inserting of Unicode data from clipboard in visual controls (grids, editing fields, etc)
    • use of Unicode data as query parameters in SQL Editor
  10. Support of KOI8R and KOI8U charsets has been added for Firebird 2.
  11. Now the SQL Editor parameter dialog has history of parameter values.
  12. CodeProposal filters proposed values depending on your position in the SQL statement section.
  13. In Database Restore the PageSize property has default "Unchanged" values.

 Bugs fixed:

  1. Lost connection handling now operates correctly.
  2. TIME and DATE fields are shown correctly now (as they were shown in the format DateTime).
  3. Procedure compilation worked incorrectly if the statement "case when end" was used. Fixed.
  4. Procedure dependencies are shown correctly now (VIEW dependence from the procedure was not shown.
  5. A query for the SQLEditor record number operates correctly now. For Firebird 2 BlazeTop uses the statement Select Count(*) from Select... This bug fix enables you to count the number of records for almost every query.
  6. Some bug fixes in CodeProposal:
  7. AV on selecting fields for the table with an array field.
  8. If a table field or view field has been selected, BlazeTop did not show other fields on calling Code Proposal. Fixed.

    Preview text: Includes 13 enhancements, 6 bug fixes, UNICODE support,  SQL Editor optimization, and Firebird 2.0 support
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