What’s new in version

New features and enhancements:

  1. The following changes has been made in the debugger of stored procedures and triggers:
    • Now you can trace procedures which can handle errors. (WHEN);
    • Procedures with the POST_EVENT code have been added;
    • Handling of the BREAK command has been added;
    • Minor fixes have been made.
  2. Now the DDLExtractor considers view interdependency, and dependencies of triggers and procedures on views. In previous BlazeTop builds this script operated incorrectly.        
  3. Now the RecreateDDL for view considers dependencies. In previous BlazeTop builds this script worked incorrectly, because it did not take into account objects with views.
  4. The DDLFinder works more rapidly for Firebird 2.1.
  5. Now domain dependencies also show procedures which are dependent from the domain.
  6. Procedure and trigger dependencies also show domains which they are dependent on.
  7. In the DDLExtractor you can generate a script with EXECUTE BLOCK (for Firebird 2.x). This script operates much faster than an ordinary one. To generate a different script you should use the UseExecuteBlock property in the inspector.
    Restriction of use: tables with BLOBs will be shown without EXECUTE BLOCK in any case.
  8. The code editor operates much faster when you do Paste, Undo, Redo or Replace (previous BlazeTop builds worked with huge texts slower).
  9. Now in the code editor you can change the selection mode from “by block” to “by column” and from “by column” to “by block” by pressing Alt-Shift-arrow. 
  10. A parameter dialog box has been added. If several parameters are of the same name, their value is asked once in the parameter value box. 
  11. Now you can save the log for selected parameters between sessions.

Bugs fixed:

  1. The DDL text for expression indices was reported incorrectly (for Firebird 2.x). Fixed.
  2. The DDL table texts with External files were shown incorrectly. Fixed.
  3. UDF dependencies work accurately now.
  4. In Firebird 2.1 the SQLPlayer operated incorrectly with objects which had comments on national languages, when it executed the script with CREATE DATABASE. Fixed.
  5. Sometimes the DDLExtractor worked incorrectly with float field values (it generated such wrong strings as 111E-308). Fixed.
  6. The SQLEditor incorrectly handled CTE queries (WITH [RECURSIVE] ). (Firebird 2.1). Fixed.

Preview text: Includes 11 enhancements, 6 bug fixes
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