BlazeTop - InterBase, Firebird and Yaffil database administration and development toolWe are glad to present our new product BlazeTop (former SQLHammer), a tool for database development and administration. Its highly effective ideology has been elaborated due to close cooperation with professional database developers and administrators. It mainly uses a module model similar to that of Delphi/C++Builder, and thus its interface is absolutely handy for its users.

BlazeTop architecture is based on component and dynamic module style that enables us to support different database servers and engines. The current BlazeTop version supports Borland InterBase, Firebird and Yaffil

BlazeTop features

  • Creates and deletes databases
  • Enables editing of all database object types:
    • domains,
    • tables,
    • views,
    • stored procedures,
    • triggers,
    • generators,
    • exceptions,
    • UDF's,
    • BLOB-filters,
    • roles and
    • database shadows;
  • Contains additional development tools:
    • powerful SQL Editor with query history and performance analysis,
    • handy SQL Monitor, which traces work with the server from applications using FIBPlus and IBX,
    • Best-in-class Dependence Viewer with very intuitive interface;
  • Very convenient and similar to Delphi IDE in the following features:
    • each database object properties and additional tools are available for viewing and editing in Object Inspector,
    • open objects and tools are placed for quick access in Navigator and Toolbox, from which users can call additional editors for each object type,
    • all SQL-text editors are based on a powerful Code Editor with optional highlighting of the SQL syntax, quick and flexible Code Insight and bi-directional mechanism of hyperlinks on object names;
  • Has module architecture:
    • all IDE components are loaded dynamically and this enables BlazeTop Team to develop flexibly BlazeTop's functionality, and its users to choose which functions to have,
    • BlazeTop supports a powerful mechanism of user's plugins, which are as convenient as those in Delphi;
  • Based on FIBPlus components, it has architecture optimized for work on such low-speed communication channels as ISDN.
Prices in Euro:

129 (1 copy)
1250 (unlimited)

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