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BlazeTop (former SQLHammer) version is available for download.

What’s new in version

New features and enhancements:

1. Borland InterBase 2007 support has been added:

  • the instance_name property has been added to the server registration options;
  • now scripts for InterBase 2007 can have a clause BATCH START; ... BATCH EXECUTE;

  • 2. Improved mechanism of checking Open Office data export; it enabled us to increase the performance.

    Bugs fixed:

    1.ALTER PROCEDURE did not operate correctly if the procedure used declared variables. Fixed.
    2.The SQLEditor worked incorrectly when you commented/uncommented the selected text in the pop-up menu.

    Prices in Euro:

    129 (1 copy)
    1250 (unlimited)

    Volume discounts are available...