Visual data filter for Delphi and C++ Builder End users of your applications are often likely to have some tool for extra data handling. They want some simple and easy-to-use user filter and they'd like to control data sorting. Building CleverFilter in your applications you will enable them to control the data.

CleverFitler helps you to set extra conditions for ready queries. Users won't waste time studying the internal database structure, and you only need to set some fields in design-time, which will be seen in the user filter.

The current version of CleverFilter supports Delphi 6-7, Delphi 2006, Delphi 2007, Delphi 2009, Delphi 2010, C++ Builder 6, C++ Builder 2006,  C++ Builder 2007, C++ Builder 2009, C++ Builder 2010 and includes adapters for FIBPlus, ADO, BDE, IBX, dbExpress, ODAC, UniDAC, IbcDAC and NexusDB (for Delphi only).

CleverFilter Benefits

Using CleverFilter you have a diversity of great advantages, such as:

  • Supports different database and SQL-server formats using adapters. The build includes adapters for FIBPlus, ADO, BDE, IBX, dbExpress, NexusDB and ODAC
  • CleverFilter may change the WHERE query clause, thus helping to handle the data on the server and save the client machine resources.
  • Supports parameter queries. Due to this, on changing parameter values on the filter, server doesn't need to prepare the query anew for execution.
  • Supports lookup-fields..
  • Supports main field types: string, integer, Date and Time fields, and has emulation of logical fields using value lists.
  • Uses special visual filter elements for users' convenience: enables to set value ranges (between), lists of possible values (radio button, check list, list box), and a pop-up calendar for Data fields.
  • Has simple and user-friendly visualization of complex queries with OR and AND.
  • Enables to insert filter conditions into any place in the main query.
  • Provides programmers with an ability to choose fields available in the user filter.
  • Provides users with an ability to use the filter without studying the internal database structure.
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