System requirements and compatibility with other products

  • Borland Delphi 6-7 (Professional/Enterprise editions)
  • Borland Developer Studio 2005 (Professional/Enterprise editions, Win32/VCL.NET)
  • Borland Developer Studio 2006 (Professional/Enterprise editions, Win32/VCL.NET/C++)
  • Borland Developer Studio 2007 (Professional/Enterprise editions, Win32/VCL.NET/C++)
  • Borland C++ Builder 6 (Professional - Enterprise editions).

Supported formats of databases and access components

  • FIBPlus
  • ADO
  • BDE
  • IBX
  • dbExpress
  • NexusDB
  • ODAC

Components and tools

  • A non-visual TcfFilter component to show user filter as a dialog form and manage data sorting
  • A non-visual TcfSubFilter component to control dialog window of the key field value selection
  • Non-visual classes: TcfFilterItem describes filter field properties , TFilterElementSearch is a visual filter item enabling developers to insert field values.

Visual filter items

  • Showing of lookup-fields as pop-up lists
  • Showing of string and numeric fields as TEdit
  • Showing of Data fields as a pop-up calendar
  • Showing of logical fields as a radio-button
  • Showing of String value lists as a checklist
  • Use of multipage PageControl to show "Or" conditions
  • Use of an additional fialog to show "AND" conditions
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