What's new in version 2.0?

New features and enhancements

1. The TcfSimplyFilter component has been added. It enables developers to create simple filtering conditions without additional dialogs. Operation types are strictly defined (but can be changed in run-time); parameter values are obtained from control items on the form. TcfFilter and TcfSimplyFilter can be used together (by setting different markers).

2. Non active filter items are marked by a different colour now.

3. Delphi.Net.VCL support has been added.

4. If the filter item has child items, the item button is shown with the symbol '>>'.

Bugs fixed:

1. Incorrect sorting: the sorting dialog showed field names instead of field titles. Also the sql code had field titles instead of field names. Fixed.

2. An error of forming sql-code for the CheñkListBox filter item in the DirectValue.mode. Fixed.

3. Minor bugs with sorting object in design-time. Fixed.

Prices in Euro:

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