What’s new in FIBPlus 5.2?

Features and enhancements:

  1. FIBDataSet handlers added:
  • property BeforeStartTransaction: TNotifyEvent;
  • property AfterStartTransaction: TNotifyEvent;
  • property BeforeEndTransaction: TEndTrEvent;
  • property AfterEndTransaction: TEndTrEvent;
  • property BeforeStartUpdateTransaction: TNotifyEvent;
  • property AfterStartUpdateTransaction: TNotifyEvent;
  • property BeforeEndUpdateTransaction: TEndTrEvent;
  • property AfterEndUpdateTransaction: TEndTrEvent;
  1. An ability to generate a single chosen modifying query instead of all has been added to SQL Generator.
  2. A component editor for pFIBQuery has been added.
  3. SQL Generator component editor and Dataset Repository editing dialog have been rewritten.
  4. The poFetchAll option has been added to TpFIBDataSet.Options. If it is true, after opening TpFIBDataSet all the records will be automatically fetched from the server.
  5. A new event OnApplyDefaultValue: TOnApplyDefaultValue has been added to TpFIBDataSet, where

    TOnApplyDefaultValue = procedure (DataSet: TDataSet; Field: TField; var Applied: boolean) of object;

    The event handler is called for each field with a not null DefaultExpression during insertion of a new record. In this handler you can handle DefaultExpression for some fields yourself if a standard handling procedure doesn’t suit for these needs. You should set Applied to True in order to handle it manually and deactivate standard handling.

  6. Now FIBPlus behaves differently on changing the saved metadata cache. The check is done not after connection, but at times, when necessary. So is some cache parts are not required in the meanwhile, it won’t be checked.
  7. DataSet Repository cache saving has been implemented. To make this possible we have added another field with a number of a repository record version to the DataSet Repository table. To automatically change the repository table structure call the repository editor using the pop-up menu in TpFIBDatabase.
  8. A new variable FIBHideGrantError: boolean = False has been added. When the variable is True, and TpFIBDataSet has no data modification rights, it deactivates data editing or deleting ability without error messages.
  9. In TpFIBDataSet the OnCompareFieldValues: TCompareFieldValues event has been added, where TCompareFieldValues = function (Field: TField; const S1,S2: variant): integer of object. The event handler is called during local sorting. Using it you can control sorting order and compare values transferred in pairs.
  10. Support of comments with the marker '--' has been activated.
  11. An ability to set defaults for TpFIBDataSet.DefaultFormats has been added to FIBPlusTools.


  1. A minor bug of work in the poProtectedEdit mode.
  2. Minor changes in Conditions saving procedures in the .dfm file.
  3. Now in the active poImportDefaultValue mode DefaultExpression for string fields is shown in single commas by default. This was done to avoid problems with ClientDataSet, if a string field is '1xxxxx' by default.
  4. The way of keeping the Options property in the .dfm file has been changed.
  5. Replacement of NULL parameters to "Is Null” is corrected now to avoid incorrect work for such expressions as ttt = :ttt <arithmetic operation> <statement>.
  6. Stack Overflow on local sorting by the calculated field. Fixed.
  7. Incorrect work of TpFIBDataSet in the poProtectedEdit mode. (The current position was lost in TFIBDataSet at times). Fixed.
  8. An error «XSQLDA index out of range» during work with macros in datasets with the poNoForceIsNull option. Fixed.
  9. Local sorting procedure has been corrected.
  10. Work with blob-fields for datasets working with two transactions. Fixed.
  11. In Delphi 5 after ReopenLocate in data-aware controls the data change event did not appear, so old data was shown. Fixed.
  12. After execution of Append the RecNo property returned an incorrect value. It was always equal to 1 irrespective of the real record number. Fixed.
  13. Incompatibility of poProtectedEdit and UpdateOnlyModifiedFields modes. Fixed.

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Waaaaw, what a difference in support with IBO, most of the time when I asked something there, I got a arrogant answer. This is really great and I must say, there is a significant difference in speed that FIBPlus is faster! >>

Nico Callewaert
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