Question: I am considering switching from IBX to FIBplus. What would it take to do that? I am a bit worried about the amount of adjustments to my programms.

Answer: Surely it's a good idea to switch to FIBPlus :))  Please, see the attached script to the file GReplace, it will help you
at the first stage. You just open this script in GReplace. This script will help to replace some components. After that you manually do the rest of the operations, but it is rather simple.

There a solution of this problem (see below). The instruction is almost finished, here is the draft of it.

You should download the program GReplace, and use the script to this program. This script will help you at the first stage. You just open this script in GReplace and it will replace IBX components by their FIBPlus analogues in your projects. After that you manually do the rest of the operations, but it is rather simple. We can also add the following comment from the newsgroup from our customer:

"I suggest to add a Field conversion. All rigth except:

  1. The TLargeintField is needes to be converted to TFIBBCDField.
  2. If we use the default conversion from TIBQuery to TpFIBDataset we will lost the SQL property. I change that.
  3. We lost the generators so, GeneratorField.Field must be now AutoUpdateOptions.KeyFields
    and GeneratorField.Generator must be now AutoUpdateOptions.GeneratorName.
  4. And last, DatabaseName will be DBName.

So. I modify the conversion script and attached if somebody need it. The trouble is it also modifies the .pas files putting a invalid string there. Well, you will need to delelete it manually I suppose, like I do it."

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I've looked at FIBPlus and feel that it is one of the fastest (if not the fastest) IB components out there. Congratulations on doing such a fine job. >>

Barry McClure
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