New features and enhancements:
  1. 1. Two TFIBDatabase methods supporting new commands RDB$GET_CONTEXT and RDB$SET_CONTEXT implemented in Firebird 2 have been added.

    function GetContextVariable (ContextSpace: TFBContextSpace; const VarName: string): Variant;
    procedure SetContextVariable (ContextSpace: TFBContextSpace; const VarName, VarValue: string);

Bugs fixed:

  1. 1. An error in the TpFIBQuery.SetAsExtended method. Fixed.
  2. A minor memory leak in RegUtils. Fixed.
  3. An error occurring on writing into a Blob field with TDataSetProvider. Fixed.
  4. An error "Can't read buffer. Invalid RecordNo”, occurred under certain conditions. Fixed.
  5. Wrong results of calling the Refresh method in TpFIBDataSet occurred under certain conditions. Fixed.
  6. An error on reading a Blob field in the OnCalcFields handler. Fixed.
  7. An error in the Locate method of the TpFIBDataSet component occurred in case when not all records were fetched from the server. Fixed.
  8. Wrong results of the Origin property with FieldOriginRule = forNoRule Fixed.
  9. An error of generating SQL statements with UpdateOnlyModifiedFields=True in the TpFIBDataSet component (appeared in NUMERIC(18,x) fields on trying to replace the NULL value by 0 and vice versa. FIBPlus wrongly considered these fields non changeable).
  10. Wrong work of DisplayFormat for NUMERIC(18,x) fields. It occurred on using non mask symbols, i.e. "$ #,000 and 00 cents". Fixed.
  11. An error in client calculated fields. (The buffer was not cleared before the field calculation. The error occurred in case when a field was calculated for the previous record, not for the current one in OnCalcFields. Then, instead of an empty value, the previous record value was shown in the current record). Fixed.
  12. Wrong search of the True Boolean value in TpFIBBooleanField. Fixed.
  13. An AV in TFIBStringField occurred under certain conditions when using the psSetEmptyStrToNull property. Fixed.
  14. Useless quotes in the automatic GeneratorName value. Fixed.
  15. An error of defining key fields in SQLEditor Fixed.
  16. Nested parameters were not set in RefreshSQL on using macros. Fixed.

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Our 911 dispatch center needed a program to monitor the status of equipment used in emergency situations. If one dispatcher modified the status of a piece of equipment, all the other dispatchers needed to see this change immediately. The most elegant way to implement this was by using Firebird Events to asynchronously notify all the users whenever a pertinent change had occurred at the database server. After failing to implement this myself using the Firebird API, I bought a copy of FIBPlus. I dropped a Database, EventAlert and ErrorHandler control into a C++ Builder DataModule and within minutes I had all the functionality I needed. I was able to complete the project quickly and the users are thrilled with the results because I gave them more features than they originally asked for. >>

Darryl Caillouet Programmer City of Little Rock
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