Agenda (1-day training)

Part 1. Live demonstration of FIBPlus technologies

  • Section 1. Getting started with FIBPlus. Basic important features –
  • Q&A
  • Section 2. Advanced FIBPlus technologies.
  • Q&A

Part 2. Practical assignments for the participants.

1. Getting Started with FIBPlus (For newbie's) Contents
  1. How to get database data
  • How to connect to a database
  • How to get data using TpFIBQuery
  • How to use standard visual controls with FIBPlus
  • How to create modified queries automatically using SQL Generator
  • How to use generators to set unique primary key values. Review of special TpFIBDataSet options
  • AutoCommit mode and two-transaction mechanism with a single TpFIBDataSet

2. Advanced master-detail mechanism

  • Use of special MAS_ prefix in queries
  • Customization of master-detail mechanism

3. Special FIBPlus functionality

  • Local sorting in TpFIBDataSet
  • Local filtering in TpFIBDataSet
  • Using local FIBPlus filters for transparent data packing/unpacking
  • Using TpFIBDataSet macros for server-side filtering
2. Advanced Level. Special FIBPlus features: network traffic optimization and FIBPlus Repository Contents

1. Network traffic optimization.

  • Metadata caching.
  • Dynamic query modification.
  • Using poRefreshAfterPost option in TpFIBDataSet Options.
  • Recurrent use of queries.
  • Client BLOB-filters. “Transparent” BLOB-field packing.

2. FIBPlus Repository: Using a database as storage of queries and client options.

  • How to save and use visual field settings in a database.
  • How to save additional field options in a database.
  • How to use Query Repository.
  • Error Messages in FIBPlus Repository.
Brief description for part 2.

The report is aimed at describing and demonstrating special FIBPlus features, which enable developers to create more optimal applications for Firebird RDBMS.

In the first part of the paper I will show several ways of network traffic decreasing for the database server with low-speed network channel. In particular I will speak about decreasing of the number of system queries at the expense of automatic caching metadata at the client; decreasing of fields in modifying queries (thus reducing the level of the data transferred); disconnecting of some subsidiary queries, as well as about automatic archiving of text and graphic BLOB fields. All the features will be illustrated by the code samples available for downloading during and after the training.

The second part of the paper will describe a unique FIBPlus mechanism, which helps to keep the following application settings in the Firebird database: field properties and settings, query collections and localized error messages for Firebird exceptions handling. Storage of local settings and queries in the database enables developers to make application changes by changing the database contents centrally, without touching on the client applications. Use of the repository will be demonstrated with the code samples available for downloading during and after the training.

The full paper text (in HTML) and the code samples will be given to the trainees as supplied materials.

Sergey Vostrikov

CEO of Devrace company, the author of a number of articles on FIBPlus technologies (published in the German language in Europe ). Sergey Vostrikov is also an author of the first Russian book «InterBase World». This book contains more than 400 pages devoted to InterBase and Firebird and was republished four times with the total run of more than 15000 copies.

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