Question: Can you help me with a coding example showing how to program the handle of the database errors. Until now I always used "on E: EFIBError do ..." and do not know how I can program this in FIBPlus.

Answer: You can use both - standard exceptions (EDatabaseError) and specific FIBPlus exceptions. For example:

 on E: EFIBError do ...

FIBPlus exceptions are described in fib.pas:

EFIBError = class(EDatabaseError)
  FSQLCode: Long;
  FIBErrorCode: Long;
  FSQLMessage :string;
  FIBMessage :string;
  SenderObj :TObject;
    constructor Create(ASQLCode: Long; const aMsg: String;Sender:TObject);
    constructor CreateEx(ASQLCode: Long; const IBMsg,SQLMsg: String;Sender:TObject);
    property SQLCode : Long read FSQLCode ;
    property IBErrorCode: Long read FIBErrorCode ;
    property SQLMessage :string read FSQLMessage;
    property IBMessage :string read FIBMessage;
EFIBInterBaseError = class(EFIBError);
EFIBClientError = class(EFIBError);

For more details about this please read an article "FIBPlus: handling database errors"  

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