Question: Can I get an example of LockRecord coding?

Answer: var lck: TLockStatus;

case lck of
lsDeadLock: ShowMessage('Used by another user');
lsNotExist: ShowMessage('Record deleted');
lsMultiply: ShowMessage('Multiply records bloqued');
lsUnknownError: ShowMessage('Unknown Error locking')
// Access granted

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What a good job you did! Keep coding great pieces of fast and efficient software:) We started using FIBPlus back in 2001. Since then, every project we offer uses FIBPlus to connect to FirebirdSQL. You library has always been stable, flexible and rocket fast ! Our major project, an helpdesk/data mining application, concurrently used daily by more that a hundred technicians and analysts, uses FIBPlus. Now that FirebirdSQL 2.0 is available, we have been able to upgrade our application quickly and painlessly - that's another reason you can be proud of your work ! >>

Benoit Le Bourhis, Adhoc Innovations
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