Question: How to connect to a remote Firebird server using FIBPlus?

Answer: We will demonstrate this using a server called acmeserver and a database file called employee.fdb. The application has to be deployed to several users that will access the server across a network. Here's how to do this with Firebird 1.5/2.0 and FIBPlus:


  • On the server where Firebird is installed you should navigate to the directory where Firebird is installed.
  • Open file called "aliases.conf" (use notepad to do this)

  • The alises.conf file contains aliases (shortnames) to where a database is located. So we have to add an entry for the employee database so that application can use this alias to connect to it across the network. There are two parts to every entry in the alises.conf file: <alias>=<db location and name>
Add the line:

EmployDB=C:\Program files\Firebird\dbs\employee.fdb

  • Save the file. Notice that Firebird should be restarted; the alias is picked up instantaneously.
  • You can add as many aliases as you want for the database and as many entries as you want for any number of databases.


  • Open up the database editor by double clicking on the TpFIBDataBase component
  • Click on "Remote Server". This means that we will be accessing the database from the network.
  • Make sure that "TCP/IP" is selected for the network protocol.
  •  Select the database alias which you want to use in the editbox next to the database type in the database. In this case it's  EmpoyDB.
  • Type the user name in the database. In this case it's SYSDBA.
  • Type the password in the database. In this case we use masterkey.
  • Ensure that 3 is selected in SQL Dialect .
  • Always ensure that the client library points to a valid client library.

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What a good job you did! Keep coding great pieces of fast and efficient software:) We started using FIBPlus back in 2001. Since then, every project we offer uses FIBPlus to connect to FirebirdSQL. You library has always been stable, flexible and rocket fast ! Our major project, an helpdesk/data mining application, concurrently used daily by more that a hundred technicians and analysts, uses FIBPlus. Now that FirebirdSQL 2.0 is available, we have been able to upgrade our application quickly and painlessly - that's another reason you can be proud of your work ! >>

Benoit Le Bourhis, Adhoc Innovations
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