New features and enhancements:

1. Now FIBPlus supports Delphi 2007
2. Now FIBPlus supports InterBase 2007

  • A new define has been added to {$DEFINE SUPPORT_IB2007}. If it is set, some InterBase 2007 features are added to FIBPlus
  • A new method TpFIBDatabase.IsIB2007Connect:boolean; has been added
  • A news InstanceName property has been added to ConnectParams

    3. Now FIBPlus supports charset SUPPORT_KOI8_CHARSET and define in {$DEFINE SUPPORT_KOI8_CHARSET}

    4. The procedure TFIBXSQLVAR.SetAsVariant(Value: Variant); method has been changed to support the OleVariant data type (thanks to Danny Van den Wouwer)

    5. Now you can select a generator from the generator list in the dataset repository editor.

    6. A new subproperty IB2007: TIBConnectParams has been added to the TConnectParams property in TpFIBDatabase, where TIBConnectParams has a new field InstanceName: string. (Works only with the define $DEFINE SUPPORT_IB2007})

    7. Now you can separately set the connection port in the TpFIBDatabase editor (only for Firebird).

    Bugs fixed:

    1. Such values as e.g {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000} were incorrectly shown in TFIBGuidField. Fixed.
    2. An error occurred on calling the IsEmpty method if the DataSet.CacheModelOptions .CacheModelKind= cmkLimitedBufferSize property was defined. Fixed.
    3. An error occurred in the Sort procedure (unit fibDataset) with defined DisableScrollEvents if the dataset contained 0 or 1 record. Fixed.
    4. An error in the function TpFIBDataSet.PSGetParams: TParams method has been fixed (thanks to Danny Van den Wouwer).
    5. pFIBClientDataSet has been improved in order to operate correctly with Unicode fields in BDS2006.
    6. An error in the TFIBQuery.DoAfterExecute method caused incorrect order of operations in SQLMonitor. Fixed (thanks to Danny Van den Wouwer).
    7. An error occurred on changing the client library at runtime. Fixed.
    8. In the TFIBXSQLVAR.GetAsDateTime method an error occurred if the data value was less than the initial InterBase date value. Fixed.
    9. Such comments as Firebird (--) were incorrectly parsed in the WhereClause method. Fixed.
    10. An error occurred on processing queries with the "with" command for Firebird 2.1. Fixed.
    11. TGUID fields did not work for TClientDataSet. Fixed (thanks to Anton Tril).
    12. TGUID fields did not work with QuantumGrid. Fixed (thanks to Anton Tril).
    13. The lost connection with the server was processed incorrectly when TFIBSQLLogger was connected to TpFIBDatabase. The program loop occurred and OnLostConnect was called repeatedly. If you disconnected TFIBSQLLogger from TpFIBDatabase everything worked well. Fixed.
    14. Now the TBeforeLoadBlobFromSwap and TBeforeLoadBlobFromSwap event handlers are declared differently. The old declaration operated incorrectly for Delphi 5.

  • Preview text: What's new in version 6.7:7 enhancements, 14 bug fixes. Supports InterBase 2007 and Delphi 2007
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    We are a small software company with thousands of customers delivering comany wide systems including accounting, logistics, e-commerce, POS, sales etc etc. Several years ago, when we were still a very small company, we used Delphi 3 and Paradox combined with BDE. As our system (and customer base) grew I decided to switch to Delphi 5 and Interbase. Being a huge improvement over Delphi 3 and Paradox, I encountered numerous problems with IBX: memory leaks, performance issues and other problems. Borland was not to be bothered: IBX was provided "as is" and no support was avaliable. 
    Not being very eager to use third party components with Delphi at first, I decided to give FIBPlus a try. At once all problems where gone: no more memory leaks and  performance was very consistent. 
    But the real advantage of switching to FIBPlus came with the upgrade to D2005: after upgrading there were some problems with the new FIBPlus version. After emailing the problem I received an update within an hour! And this was at 11 pm! A few other (smaller) errors where handled in the same way. 
    Our motto is: software is as good as its support. And support of Devrace is just great!
    Just a little indication of our FIBPlus use: all our software runs 100% on FIBPlus. Our customers have a total of aprox. 4.800 Firebird databases in production, with a combined size of over 130TB and over 80 million transactions a day. Every
    day. And FIBPlus has not failed a single transaction. Not once. There is, however, one (minor) drawback in using FIBPlus: while debugging an application which uses and invalid SQL instruction, de Delphi Debugger returns to the FIBPlus code instead of to our calling code (where the actual error comes from), thereby complicating de debug proces a little. But that is a very small price to pay for a otherwise brilliant third party solution! >>

    Bas Jordans JorSoft Ltd
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