Features and enhancements

  1. The OnIdleConnect event has been added to TpFIBDatabase:

  2. TOnIdleConnect = procedure (Sender: TFIBDatabase; IdleTicks: Cardinal; var Action: TActionOnIdle) of object;

    where TActionOnIdle = (aiCloseConnect, aiKeepLiveConnect);

    this event occurs if the connection is not used during a period set on the TimeOut property. By setting the Action parameter in the event handler you can either close the connection or leave it active.

  3. The Ttimer component is replaced by its analogue in the library code. A standard TTimer class was not thread safe.

  4. TpFIBDataSet has new events:

    OnReadBlobField: TonBlobFieldProcessing and

    OnWriteBlobField: TonBlobFieldProcessing,

    where TonBlobFieldProcessing = procedure (Field: TblobField; BlobSize: integer; Progress: integer; var Stop: boolean);

    The event handler is called on reading a Blob field from a database and on writing a Blob field to the database. The Progress parameter shows the percent of the Blob loading. BlobSize shows the data size in the Blob field. By setting the Stop parameter to True, you can stop the Blob loading.

  5. The pFIBClientDataSet component has new Commit and RollBack methods.

    The AutoUpdateOptions property in TpFIBDataSet has a new UseReturningFields option. If it is set to True, the RETURNING clause will be used on generating UpdateSQL and InsertSQL queries, which will enable you to get a record changed on the server (just after Insert or Update) without calling the Refresh method. You can use this option in all Firebird versions starting from Firebird 2.0. It has the following values :

    rfAll — to include all fields into RETURNING ;

    rfKeyFields — to include only key fields into RETURNING;

    rfBlobFields - to include Blob fields into RETURNING.

  6. Unicode TpFIBDataSet fields are compatible with the TclientDataSet component now.

Bugs fixed

  1. The poFreeHandlesAfterClose option in the TpFIBDataSet.Options property and the qoFreeHandleAfterExecute option in the TpFIBQuery.Options property were not saved. Fixed

  2. In Delphi/C++ Builder 2009 an error with wrong client field size occurred on working with InterBase and Firebird version 2 downwards. Appeared if there was used the directive {$DEFINE UNICODE_TO_STRING_FIELDS}. Fixed.

  3. An error on TpFIBScripter.ExecuteFromFile has been fixed.

  4. An error in the Locate method for Delphi/C++ Builder 2009 has been fixed. Appeared with the following search options [loCaseInsensitive, loPartialKey]. Fixed.

  5. An error with Blob fields occurred only for Firebird 2.5, if the Blob fields were first cleared and then filled in. Fixed.

  6. An error «Malformed string» occurred in Delphi/C++ Builder 2009 version on trying to write a text Blob field with the Unicode connection to the database. Fixed.

  7. In Delphi/C++ Builder 2009 version the TpFIBTransaction.SetSavePoint method did not work. Fixed.

  8. GUID-fields are compatible now with TclientDataSet fields.

  9. In Delphi/C++ Builder 2009 version an error in Locate by GUID-fields occurred. Fixed.

  10. In Delphi/C++ Builder 2009 version an error occurred on sending parameters to MIDAS-applications. Fixed.

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