Features and enhancements

1. New FIBPlus version is compatible with RAD Studio 2010.

2. Now such methods as TFIBXSQLVAR.LoadFromFile and TFIBXSQLVAR.SaveToFile do not upload files into memory, but write data from the file directly to the database (and from the database to the file). This improvement helps to work with huge BLOB-fields.

3. Now TpFIBScripter supports the SET CLIENTLIB command.

4. By default in Delphi 2009-2010 unicode fields are mapped to TFIBWideStringField objects. This improvement was made because TStringField cannot be processed correctly in MIDAS applications.

5. TpFIBDataSet has a new method RefreshFromQuery (RefreshQuery: TFIBQuery; const KeyFields: string; IsDeletedRecords: boolean = False; DoAdditionalRefreshRec: boolean = False); It is used to syncronize local dataset cache with the server data. For this purpose you should use a query (RefreshQuery), which retrieves from the server changed records, selected by the developer's criteria. Then the query result is sent to the RefreshFromQuery method,which refreshes records of the local cache by the KeyFields primary key. If you want to clear from the local cache records deleted from the server, you should make RefreshFromQuery return a list of the deleted records and set IsDeletedRecords to True. If the DoAdditionalRefreshRec = True, then on changing each record in the local cache, one more RefreshSQL query is executed to check the actual record state (it can even delete a record from the local cache if it does not satisfy the initial query conditions).

6. TpFIBDatabase has a new property AutoReconnect: boolean. If it is equal to True, the any query executed in the application makes TpFIBDatabase automatically connect to the database.

Bugs fixed

1. Error when use AutoUpdateOptions.UseExecuteBlock.

2. Now it you set AutoUpdateOptions.UseExecuteBlock then SQL-blocks are executed by Transaction.ExecSQLImmediate method.

3. Problems in TFIBStringField.Value in RAD Studio 2009 fixed.

4. The option qoTrimCharFields did not worked in TpFIBQuery.Fields.AsWideString.

5. The error when use TWideStringField as a calculated field.

6. The error when trying to display the empty value of unicode field.

7. Memory leaks in multi-thread applications.

8. The error when use MIDAS in RAD Studio 2009 with the option poAllowCommandText.

9. The error when use TpFIBDataSet macros with default values in RAD Studio 2009.

10. The error when importing the default field values from a database in RAD Studio 2009.

11. The error in DataSet.FieldValues when working with unicode databases in RAD Studio 2009.

12. The unicode blob-field processing in MIDAS applications has been remade for RAD Studio 2009.

13. An error in TpFIBScripter has been fixed: EXECUTE BLOCK did not work if the symbol ';' was used as a terminator.

14. An error in the AsGuid property in the TFIBGuidField class has been fixed.

15. An error in Unicode lookup-fields has been fixed.

16. An error in design-time SQL-editors has been fixed. It appeared in Firebird v.2.1 upwards.

Preview text: What’s new in version 6.9.9: 6 enhancements, 16 bug fixes.
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