Bugs fixed:

1. An error in design-time packages, which conflicted with component editors in Delphi/C++ Builder 5-7 has been fixed.

2. An error in the Database.UpperOldNames property. Fixed.

3. Access Violation which appeared on setting the nil value to the TpFIBScripter.Transaction property. Fixed.

4. An error of using FieldDefs in the TFIBCustomDataSet.GetRelationTableName method. Fixed.

5. Minor changes for compatibility with MDT.

6. An error of executing the "DROP DATABASE" command by the TpFIBScripter component has been fixed.

7. An error in the TpFIBTransaction.ExecSQLImmediate method for RAD Studio 2009-2010, XE.

8. TFIBWideStringField calculated fields were supported incorrectly in RAD Studio D2009-2010, XE.

9. The TFIBStringField.AsString property did not trace situations when its set value was exceeding the length of the corresponding field. Fixed.

10. On using TFIBWideStringField in Firebird 1.5 an exception "Field size too small" appeared. Fixed.

Preview text: What’s new in version 7.0.15: 10 bug fixes.
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