1. FIBPlus 7.4 is compatible with RAD Studio XE3.

2. Now TpFIBDatabase has a new LibraryName64 property for correct support XE2-XE3 in the mode of compilation for 64-bit applications.

3. The TpFIBDataset component in the cmkLimitedBufferSize mode enables you to use fields with NULL values in ORDER BY.

4. The bookmarks mechanism in the TpFIBDataSet component has been changed. If the AutoUpdateOptions.KeyFields property has been filled in, it will be used to make bookmarks more stable.

5. The TpFIBTransaction component has a new WatchUncommitedUpdates: boolean property, which defines whether the component should trace the changed uncommitted data in the current transaction.

6. A new HasUncommitedUpdates: boolean property has been added to the TpFIBTransaction component. It shows whether there are uncommitted changes in the transaction. This property works only if the WatchUncommitedUpdates property has been set to True.

Bugs fixed

1. The TSIBFIBEventAlerter error has been fixed (it occurred on the database shutdown).

2. The suspension on sorting lookup-fields occurred for 2009-XE2. Now it has been fixed.

3. An error of searching the string value in the cmkLimitedBufferSize mode occurred, if the length of the sought-for value exceeded the field length.

4. In some cases TpFIBDataSet.Refresh worked incorrectly if SelectSQL used macros. Now it has been fixed.

5. An error in calculated Unicode-fields occurred if poCacheCalcFields was set to True. Now it has been fixed.

6. We've fixed an error which was occurred on handling the FIBBCDField.Currency property.

Preview text: What’s new in version 7.4: RAD Studio XE3 support, a few useful enhancements and 6 bug-fixes.
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