What's new in version 5.0?

Features and enhancements:

  1. The editor of FIBPlus DataSet Repository has been changed.
  2. Now TpFIBDatabase has the UseRepositories property. Setting it equal False you can deactivate by force use of any kind of repository support in the whole application.
  3. The useRepositaries property has been renamed to useRepositories.
  4. The TFIBXSQLDA.AssignValues method has been added.
  5. New fields:

    have been added in FIBPlus DataSet Repository.
  6. Dataset timers are created now not by default, but only when they are necessary.
  7. The property ValidateAfterLoad: boolean has been added to TpFIBDatabase.CacheSchemaOptions. If you set it equal False, FIBPlus will not try to check the saved metadata scheme after loading.
  8. TpFIBQuery has now the public read-write PlanClause property.
  9. The button SaveSQL does not check the SQL syntax in SQLEditor if this check is not activated.
  10. The SqlTxtRtns module has been entirely rewritten.
  11. The UpdateTransaction behaviour has been changed. Now it starts only at the moment of execution of a modifying query. The query preparation is executed in open transactions.
  12. TpFIBDatabase.Gen_Id is called now in the first available open transaction and does not create its own one.
  13. Work with new InterBase keywords has been improved.
  14. The AsIn64 property has been added to TFIBBCDField (for all Delphi versions starting from Delphi 4).
  15. A property responsible for the generator step has been added to AutoUpdateOptions of TpFIBDataSet.
  16. Some events have been renamed:

    * TpFIBDatabase.Onlogin is changed to BeforeConnect,
    * TpFIBDatabase.OnConnect is changed toAfterConnect.
  17. Support of server exceptions during work with Foreign Keys, Check Constraints and Unique Constraints has been added to TpFibErrorHandler.To activate this feature you need to activate the corresponding option in the Options property in TpFIBErrorHandler and create the following table in the database:


    Creation of and work with this table is implemented in the TpFIBDataBase component editor now.
  18. Two new properties have been added to AutoUpdateOptions:

    a) ParamsToFieldsLinks: TStrings Enables to set accordance between dataset fields and parameters in the form FieldName=ParamName. Then this accordance is used in the internal handler before calling OnNewRecord. The parameter value is automatically set to the defined field;

    b) AutoParamsToFields: boolean If you set this property equal True, TpFIBDataSet tries to set the ParamsToFieldsLinks property itself analyzing the SelectSQL text. (run-time only)
  19. The DefaultUpdateTransaction property has been added to TpFIBDatabase. Being added to the form after setting DefaultUpdateTransaction, all the TpFIBDataSet sets will use this property value in order to set the UpdateTransaction property.
  20. Now TpFIBTransaction has methods:

    * SetSavePoint(const Name: string) and
    * RollBackToSavePoint(const Name: string)
    (only for FB 1.5)
  21. Now TpFIBDatabase has the property ServerActiveTransactions: TStringList, which returns a list of active transaction identifiers of the current database at the server. This list returns an ID list of transactions active at the moment (only for FB 1.5)
  22. Minor changes in TFIBSQLMonitor, enabling it to monitor new operations with SavePoint.

Fixed bugs:

  1. On opening SQL Generator a table list from the database was shown while in ListBox there was written "Closed". Fixed.
  2. Names of the changed queries were not highlighted in the SQL editor. Fixed.
  3. The choice variants of the key field (KeyFields) BIGINT were not added to the dataset in AutoUpdateOptions. Fixed.
  4. A number of bugs in FIBPlus DataSet Repository have been fixed.
  5. The design-time editor of the Options property of TpFibDataSet did not work, if there were chosen several components. Fixed.
  6. Stack overflow on changing OrderClause, if the Conditions property was used. Fixed.
  7. Incorrect work of BatchOutputRawFile, if there were VARCHAR fields in queries. Fixed.
  8. Some changes in the FullRefresh method (the curent position of the cursor did not remain).
  9. UpdateTransaction works correctly now, if the database has the default UpdateTransaction.
  10. Work with macros has been improved. In particular, the error of hadnling some SQL with macros has been fixed.
  11. The bug with blob-fields in InternalPostRecord when CachedUpdates mode is True. Fixed.
  12. The default fields did not remain after FullRefresh. Fixed.
  13. The SqlTxtRtns unit has been completely rewritten.
  14. The insertion into an empty dataset on using a separate modifying transaction. The changes were not written into the BLOB-field. Fixed.
  15. In some cases Boolean fields were emulated only after Delphi restart. Fixed.
  16. The Field designer did not start in case when an incorrect SelectSQL was written in the dataset. Fixed.
  17. Errors of work with RDB$DB_KEY have been fixed.
  18. Incorrect transaction check on ApplyUpdates. Fixed.
  19. An error in FIBDatabase.QueryValue, if the returned field is BLOB. Fixed.
  20. The problem with non-text BLOB fields has been fixed.
  21. Some bugs in macro functions have been fixed.
  22. Some bugs with DDL queries have been fixed.
  23. Access Violation in SQL Editor has been fixed.
  24. Some bugs in the editor of the Options property of TpFIBDataSet have been fixed.
  25. Errors of use of RDB$DB_KEY in TpFIBDataSet. Fixed.
  26. Errors occured on checking an active transaction in ApplyUpdates. Fixed.
  27. Errors in FIBDatabase.QueryValue, if the returned field is BLOB. Fixed.
  28. Changes of a BLOB-field were not saved after the record insertion into an empty dataset in the context of a separate modifying transaction. Fixed.
  29. An error in the LocateNext method. Fixed.
  30. An error of Boolean-field emulation in design-time. Fixed.
  31. An error when Field Editor did not start if an incorrect SelectSQL was set in TpFIBDataSet. Fixed.
  32. An error of work with queries "Select for update". Fixed.
  33. An error of handling Cancel after the exception during execution of the INSERT-query. Fixed.

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