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Dear FIBPlus customers! We are happy to inform that Devrace FIBPlus version 6.9.5 is available for download (for registered customers only!)

It includes 3 enhancements and 12 bug fixes. In particular this new version has improvements in an ErrorMessage repository. Besides the FIBPlus code has been improved for further compatibility with BDS 2009.

Please download the full version on your personal customer's page. If you do not see this version there, please contact our technical support and we will help you.

Prices in Euro:

235 (1 copy)
1250 (unlimited)

Volume discounts are available...


FIBPlus has taken the headache out of this project. When I got the current contract, FIBPlus was included on the work computer from the client. I quickly found it easier to use and more powerful than any other Firebird component suite I had tested. When I ran into a problem setting up a persistent calculated field, the tech support people saved the day. I would also add that I tested Zeos, IBX, DBGo, UIB, and other FBconnectors.  FIBPlus outperformed all of them, and FIBPlus was run on an older machine than the others were.  That was most impressive.


Frank Luke, Big Creek software, LLC
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