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IBFMS - Insurance Brokers Financial Management system

Commercial Package - 4 large Australian clients in Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane/Goldcoast. Complete Policy (Insurance) tracking system , incorporating General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable / Invoicing, auto emailing of Policy schedules (Invoices) etc - full reporting using FR3.18.

Main program advantages:

Designed for Australian/NZ market, but with some modifications (State/Province and Postcode), would suit North American or European markets. Happy to discuss opportunities with software vendors for all markets (including Australia/NZ).

Program site: http://actnow.site.net.au (Web site has not been updated for about 5 months.)
Useful FIBPlus features: Separate Transactions, Keepsorting etc
Author: Gerry Steer
Uses: Firebird 1.5.2, FIBPlus 6.3


Program for National Association for Students Admissions in Bulgaria. It includes capability for online applying to 120 colleges and universities, complete information about schools, colleges and courses, etc.

Main program advantages: This is a CS between server and 72 clients offices in the all major sities in the country. It includes capability for online applying to 120 colleges and universities, complete information about schools, colleges and courses, etc. Complete set of all necessary printed documents, application forms, declarations, invoice, etc for any of the universities. The server for it's part sends periodically the data to the universities servers.

Useful FIBPlus features: I have no words to express my satisfaction from FIBPlus. FIBPlus works brilliant. All FIBPlus features are designed to facilitate the programmer work. I would like to use this feedback to thank for all Devrace team for the work and the professional suport.
Author: Valentin Voev
Uses: Firebird 1.5.2 FIBPlus 5.3

Golf Statician

Main program advantages:

Initially to store my golf scores along with a couple of friends of mine. Decided to add a bit more and just give people free access to it if they wanted to track their own golf scores.

Program was written mostly on a partime bases over christmas a few years back. Keep meaning to return and tidy it up!

Useful FIBPlus features: I have found FIB to be visibly quicker when compared to some other interbase components that I have used.
Author: Alan Livingstone
Program site: www.golfstatician.co.uk
Uses: Firebird 1.5.2 FIBPlus 6.25


Main program advantages:

Internal College management system that tracks students through the initial enquiry to completion at the college.

  • Enquiry/interview managment
  • Student results
  • Class Creation
  • Attendance management
  • Assessment management
  • Guidance

Both a windows front end and a web server interface.

Useful FIBPlus features: I had a number of problems with the web application when using IBX. When I started moving over to firebird DB i needed something that would also support this db. The main reason was its similar feel to IBX, and its cross support for interbase and firebird. This program is Internal Only.

Author: Alan Livingstone
Uses: Firebird 1.5.2 FIBPlus 6.25

Prices in Euro:

235 (1 copy)
1250 (unlimited)

Volume discounts are available...


We are a small software company with thousands of customers delivering comany wide systems including accounting, logistics, e-commerce, POS, sales etc etc. Several years ago, when we were still a very small company, we used Delphi 3 and Paradox combined with BDE. As our system (and customer base) grew I decided to switch to Delphi 5 and Interbase. Being a huge improvement over Delphi 3 and Paradox, I encountered numerous problems with IBX: memory leaks, performance issues and other problems. Borland was not to be bothered: IBX was provided "as is" and no support was avaliable. 
Not being very eager to use third party components with Delphi at first, I decided to give FIBPlus a try. At once all problems where gone: no more memory leaks and  performance was very consistent. 
But the real advantage of switching to FIBPlus came with the upgrade to D2005: after upgrading there were some problems with the new FIBPlus version. After emailing the problem I received an update within an hour! And this was at 11 pm! A few other (smaller) errors where handled in the same way. 
Our motto is: software is as good as its support. And support of Devrace is just great!
Just a little indication of our FIBPlus use: all our software runs 100% on FIBPlus. Our customers have a total of aprox. 4.800 Firebird databases in production, with a combined size of over 130TB and over 80 million transactions a day. Every
day. And FIBPlus has not failed a single transaction. Not once. There is, however, one (minor) drawback in using FIBPlus: while debugging an application which uses and invalid SQL instruction, de Delphi Debugger returns to the FIBPlus code instead of to our calling code (where the actual error comes from), thereby complicating de debug proces a little. But that is a very small price to pay for a otherwise brilliant third party solution! >>

Bas Jordans JorSoft Ltd
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