ďI canít thank you guys enough!  My first experience with Devraceís Consulting&Development Service was amazing.  I needed another set of eyes to help bring our productís database layer from prototype to production-ready.  In one day, your specialists reviewed my existing code, provided key recommendations (with examples), and taught me more about how to correctly use FIBPlus than I had learned over several months on my own.  And, the cost was very affordable.  Thanks, Devrace!Ē Nathan Probst, Kazoie LLC, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

When writing your applications and using third-party tools, you cannot be sure you know all the pitfalls. And giving your applications to the end-user/client you want to be sure the code will be of top level quality. Now Devrace Consluting&Development Service specialists are ready to help you with this. Fill in the form, explain what problem you want to solve and enjoy the results! Deeply knowing FIBPlus, we guarantee you quality of work.

Check your needs:

  • Do you need a code review by FIBPlus experts?
  • Are you not sure that you've fixed all of the pitfalls in your code before giving the program to the client?
  • Are you strict in time and need to code an urgent task?
  • Do you want to improve your code and make your application more robust&smart?
  • Do you want to avoid problems using FIBPlus with third-party tools?
  • Do you want to avoid problems with migration to further InterBase/Firebird versions?
  • Do you want to save time when coding some tasks?


Problems you solve?

  • We can do a code review if you need experts’ assistance.
  • We can improve your application speed and maintainability.
  • We can implement our own suggestions into your code.


An average rate is 35 Euro/Hour. Flexible discounts are available upon request.

*For urgent cases we usually ask for 30% extra charge.


Depending on:

  • Application size (number of code lines).
  • Third-party tools used in the application.
  • Order immediacy.
  • Specifications.

The medium time of execution is from 3-6 hours to 1-2 days.


  • You get high-quality result because we are an expert team of programmers on Borland Delphi/C++Builder for InterBase/Firebird.
  • You get well tested and documented code, because we use DUnit and built in documentation PasDoc.


Operation systems:

  • DOS, Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP/2003
  • Linux (Mandirva Linux 2007)

Programs & tools:

  • MS Office; OpenOffice; Rational Rose, CA ERWin/ BPWin;
  • Borland Team Source, Borland StarTeam, Borland Together, WinCVS, TeamCoherence,  FIBPlus, BlazeTop, FastReport, etc

Programming languages:

  • Borland Pascal, Delphi win32;
  • Java (Eclipse 3.2, JDBC, Swing, SWT, Servlets, JSP, JSTL, Struts, JSF, JasperReports)
  • C#, Delphi for .Net (WinForms, ADO.NET, ECOII)


  • Paradox, dBASE, MS Access, DBISAM, InterBase(4.x-2007), Firebird(1.x- 2.x), MS SQL, Oracle.

Project technologies:

  • UML 1.4/2.0, SADT, IDEF1X

Information required?

Please answer the following questions when contacting us. This will help us to give preliminary time estimation:

  • General aim of the application (description).
  • Description of the problem.
  • Size of the application.
  • Is it written on Delphi or C++ Builder? Which version?
  • Does it use InterBase or Firebird? Which version?
  • What's the FIBPlus version?
  • What third-party components are used?
  • What special FIBPlus features are used (metadata caching, two transactions, local filtering/sorting, etc)?
  • What details do you want Devrace Team to check/pay attention to especially?
  • Additional details (you expectations, etc).
  • Level of urgency/criticality: high, middle, low .

When to pay?

After the consultation\the code review is finished.

How to pay?

We use Shareit and Regsoft to accept in US Dollars, Euro, Pound Sterlings, Japanese Yens, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars or Swiss Franks by Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard/Eurocard, American Express, Diners Club), Bank/Wire Transfer, Check or Cash.

What about confidentiality?

Before receiving you code for reviewing we sign a non-disclosure agreement. So we guarantee absolute confidentiality of any information you provide.


Signing the contract you are informed about all aspects of our service and agree with them (including the estimated time of work and the tasks to be fulfilled). Thatís why we have no refunds.

Contact us for further details.