1. Correct work with namespace in the XSD-scheme has been added.
  2. Template editors for special data types (date, integer, float, decimal) with control of value insertion have been added.
  3. Better work with references (ref) in the XSD-scheme has been implemented.
  4. An example demonstrating work with lookup fields in XMLInspector has been added.
  5. An example demonstrating use of XMLInspector as a resource editor for form localization in run-time has been added.
  6. Minor changes were done in XML-parser.

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Our 911 dispatch center needed a program to monitor the status of equipment used in emergency situations. If one dispatcher modified the status of a piece of equipment, all the other dispatchers needed to see this change immediately. The most elegant way to implement this was by using Firebird Events to asynchronously notify all the users whenever a pertinent change had occurred at the database server. After failing to implement this myself using the Firebird API, I bought a copy of FIBPlus. I dropped a Database, EventAlert and ErrorHandler control into a C++ Builder DataModule and within minutes I had all the functionality I needed. I was able to complete the project quickly and the users are thrilled with the results because I gave them more features than they originally asked for. >>

Darryl Caillouet Programmer City of Little Rock
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