System requirements and compatibility with other products

  • Supports Borland Delphi 5-7 and Borland C++ Builder 5-6.
  • Supports any data sources, compatible with a standard TDataSet.

Components and tools

  • TXMLInspector is a non visual component.
  • TXSDEditor is a property inspector dialog enabling to edit XML files.
  • Non visual classes: TXMLNode is a parser of XML files used in XMLInspector, TXMLDictionary is a class realizing popup lists of XMLInspector property values.

Use with databases

  • Automatic generation of an XSD scheme and TDataSet record editing in XMLInspector.
  • An ability to save and load XML nodes in a database.

XMLInspector control

  • An ability to handle an event of XML node property changing.
  • An ability to set popup values when editing XML node properties.
  • An ability to connect additional XML node property editors.
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When I had to find the best component to connect to my Firebird databases, FIBPlus imposed itself with its rapidity and reliability. Most importantly, it continued to evolve to be even better and whenever we had a problem, it was fixed promptly by Devrace team. We use FIBPlus in many projects related to Healthcare. We have hundreds of users who access databases up to 8 GB in size. I think there are many good third-party components out there, but not so many with an excellent support like the one provided for FIBPlus components. Thanks to you. >>

Evelyne Girard, Canada
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