DDL editor for altering database objects

In fact editing of any object in BlazeTop IDE is implemented at the SQL level. Once opened the object you can change it using the command ALTER. As the ALTER command text is taken from the corresponding template, editing is often a pure number of some clicks. And you surely control the process knowing the commands BlazeTop is executing.

List of table constraints

You can see the list of all table constraints. Besides visual representation you may see an exact SQL statement of the selected constraint in the low part of the editor.

List of table comlumns

Similar to the list of constraints there is a list of columns shown at the picture.

View of dependencies

The editor shows a tree of objects that are using the current object. Intuitively understandable editor interface makes the object searching easy and quick, enabling to run from the first object to its dependencies.

FIBPlus Monitor properties in Inspector

Inspector conveniently enables you to set options of some tools during their work. For instance you see the properties of open FIBPlus Monitor, when you have set the mode of tracing applications using FIBPlus and then hooking only query execution, and commands of connection to and control of transactions.

SQL Monitor

В результате настройки опций SQL Monitor мы перехватываем все нужные команды как из стороннего приложения, так и самого BlazeTop. Удобная навигация позволит вам быстро переключаться между полученными запросами для их анализа.

SQL Editor

SQL Editor is used to execute and debug database queries. As object editors, it uses a powerful text editor, integrated Code Proposal and syntax highlighting. We have separated in blazetop a tab for SQL-query execution, working with data (SELECT, INSERT, и т.д.) and a tab for execution of DDL-queries, working with metadata (ALTER, CREATE, etc)

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