Support policy

Support for all our products is currently on-line only (On-line ticket system and public forums). This enables us to keep our costs (and yours) down. We provide our customers with support in foreground mode and users of evaluation versions of our products can also rely on our help during trial period. We support only the latest versions of our products. If you have any problems with old versons, please, upgrade them before contacting our technical support. It often happens that you find bugs that have been already fixed in the latest build of a product.

If you need our support:

  1. Please, try to find a solution or answer on our site with Site Search. This well designed searching system can find any materials at our site.
  2. You can also try to get information directly from our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) database. We are adding new materials to our FAQ permanently.
  3. If you still have no solution of your problem, we recommend you using Online Ticket System. This is a powerful and convenient on-line system that helps you to contact our support team. You will get personal support from several technical specialists. Please, note, it is necessary to register on our site to use Online Ticket System. This is absolutely free of charge.
  4. Use our Commercial Devrace Consulting&Development Service.

News at first hand!

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Online Support Tickets

Why to use Online Ticket system?

This system enables us to provide you with personal support and help. All our support specialists are monitoring the tickets with your requests and questions. That helps us to give you necessary support as soon as possible.

Asking you questions via email you may not be sure that we'll receive your messages or you'll get our answers. But you can be always sure that all your tickets will be registered and our team will get this information. You can monitor the status of your tickets and the way we process them.