Athlant Integration with Delphi and C++ Builder IDE:

  • Additional toolbar calling source control functions.
  • Additional menu enabling to use Athlant. In this example you can see that Athlant is connected to the SourceSafe storage.
  • Athlant Manager, which can be used for whole project management. It can be docked to Code Editor, Object Inspector, Project Manager, etc.
  • Additional toolbar in Code Editor calling source control functions.

Athlant Manager in CodeEditor

Athlant Manager can be docked to CodeEditor.

Athlant functions in CodeEditor

Athlant adds source control functions to the CodeEditor context menu.

Athlant functions in Form Designer

Athlant adds source control functions to the Form Designer context menu.

Athlant Manager in Object Inspector.

Athlant Manager can be docked to Object Inspector as an additonal panel or tab-sheet.

Athlant Manager in Project Manager

Athlant Manager can be docked to Project Manager as an additonal panel or tab-sheet.

Visual version comparison in SourceSafe through Athlant

Athlant enables you to call any standard source control function directly from Delphi and C++ Builder IDE. In particular, if your source control system supports comparison of visual files, you can compare versions of your files with the help of Athlant.
Prices in Euro:

112 Professional
63.95 Personal

Volume discounts are available...


I was looking for a way to integrate Clearcase with Delphi 7. The first product that I tried was Athlant. It worked extremely well; however, when I purchased the product, I received a newer version that was not compatible with my system. Athlant's customer service department provided me with a workaround until the problem could be diagnosed and resolved. When a new version was released, I was immediately contacted by support to give it a try. The newest version now works and has several nice new features such as auto-adding a header to new or existing files and hot-key configuration to check-out and check-in faster. I am currently the only developer in my company using this product, but I plan on spreading the word to other departments. Devrace has certainly developed an excellent product. >>

Dan Gardner - Software Developer