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Devrace Athlant version 3.04

We are happy to announce that Devrace Athlant version 3.04 is available for download. Now Athlant is compatible with Delphi 2007. Besides it has been tested with IBM Rational ClearCase versions 5 and 6, supports  full names of SCC storage providers and includes 3 bug fixes.

We would also like to remind you that all Athlant customers can purchase Athlant updates with 30-50% discounts (please contact our online support system to get them). If the year after purchase is not over yet, you can upgrade to version 3.04 for free!

We are pleased to announce that Devrace Athlant 3 RC3 is availabl...

We are pleased to announce that Devrace Athlant 3 RC3 is available for immediate download. Now it supports Borland BDS 2006! It also has 11 enhancements and 14 fixed bugs.
P.S. Athlant customers can have discounts on the upgrade upon request. If your registration key is not valid anymore, please contact us, we will send you the new one.

Beta testing of Athlant 3 RC 3
Up to 30% Discount for Athlant beta-testers! Devrace invites all Athlant users and everyone who uses version control systems (VCS) to participate in beta-testing of Athlant 3 RC 3. The product has been completely rewritten “from scratch” for better optimization and robust performance. Read more in press release.

Athlant 3.0 RC 2 has been published
You can update now your Athlant version - Athlant 3.0 Release Candidate 2 has been published.

Athlant is a good choice
DownloadBlast.com editors give the Good Choice rating to Athlant.

Athlant 3 Release Candidate 1 has been published

Athlant 3 Release Candidate 1 has been published. Now it offers a new design, built-in communication mechanism (Athlant Server is not necessary anymore) and other additional features and improvements. Read more details... Download Athlant 3 RC1.

Important! We would like to inform you that we will present a free Athlant registration (this includes one-year Athlant update!) if you become our beta-tester and report about bugs and errors. If you are interested, please, write to athlant@devrace.com

Devrace announces Athlant 3 beta
Devrace announces Athlant 3 beta. Athlant 3 exceeds the bounds of SCC API limitations, it enables users to add and customize user defined source control functions. Read more details in press-release. Download free trial version.

Devrace publishes Athlant ModelMaker Edition
Devrace publishes Athlant ModelMaker Edition - a new freeware version control expert for ModelMaker 7 based on Athlant for Delphi and C++ Builder. Athlant MM is available for download. Read more details about Athlant MM...

Devrace announces Athlant 2.0.4
Devrace announces Athlant 2.0.4. In this version we have fixed some critical bugs of system registry use and added a number of improvements. Read press-release for more details. Download the new version.

Devrace announces Athlant 2.03
Devrace announces Athlant 2.03 - a new version of powerful and flexible source control expert for Borland Delphi and Borland C++ Builder. This version includes German, Italian, Russian and Ukrainian localizations and some internal changes and fixes. Download a free trial version...

Athlant occupies the fifth place in Delphi About rating "Top...
Good news! Athlant occupies the fifth place in Delphi About rating "Top 9 Delphi IDE Add-In"!

Devrace publishes Athlant 2.02
Devrace publishes Athlant 2.02 - new version of flexible and powerful source control expert for Delphi 5-7 and C++ Builder 5-6. Read press-release...

Toolbox magazine has published the article "Versionskontroll...
Toolbox magazine has published the article "Versionskontrolle in Delphi und C++Builder" about version control of source files in Delphi and C++ Builder with the help of Athlant. The article demonstrates a mechanism of integration of source control technologies into Borland environments through SCC API and explains advantages of version control.

Prices in Euro:

112 Professional
63.95 Personal

Volume discounts are available...


This expert looks very nice and integrates with VSS really well. I have not extensively tested it yet, but it did pass a quick "can I work with it" test. (I use it with Visual SourceSafe 6). And what's also important: when I did find a few problems Devrace was able to fix them nearly the same day. >>

Gerrit Beuze, ModelMaker Tools