MultiProfile - Delphi, C++ Builder and C#Builder launch tool MultiProfile is a simple and very useful development tool. Many programmers usually need different IDE settings for various projects. In Delphi or C++ Builder they may need separate settings for Library Path or those of the debugger especially in case when they use different versions of the same components in various projects. MultiProfile quickly and easily solves this problem enabling to launch development tools with defined IDE settings for each project or group of projects.

The current MultiProfile version supports Borland Delphi 2-7, BDS 2005, 2006, 2007 (including Turbo Delphi and Turbo C++), C++ Builder 3-6 and C# Builder. It also enables developers to add support of other programmes.

What are MultiProfile benefits?

You may set different IDE options for every project.

  1. I.e. some projects may require special options for the built-in debugger.
  2. Sometimes you need to deactivate some tool palette packages in order to make the IDE navigation simpler. Using Devrace MultiProfile you may set separate tools for each project/group of projects.
  3. You may set separate paths to keep compiled libraries or header files (in particular Delphi Library Path or BPL output directory) for each project/group of projects.
  4. Using a separate path setting you may work with several product versions at once (versions of the same libraries in different projects).
  5. Exporting and importing project profiles you considerably decrease time of project transfer operations to other computers (together with components and IDE settings).

What's New?

08.08.2008   New MultiProfile 3.0 with Vista support
22.06.2007   MultiProfile 1.9.30 supports Delphi 2007
25.05.2006   Multiprofile version
22.02.2006   MultiProfile has been updated
02.12.2005   MultiProfile 1.07 has been published
01.11.2005   MultiProfile 1.06 is published

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08.08.2008   MultiProfile 3.0

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MultiProfile is a very nice and simple tool, which helps to simplify and lighten the delicate work with IDE configuration for each project or group of projects. After using the product for several days you will see these benefits. Thanks to MultiProfile I saved much time configuring IDE as I had to set all the options only once. Then I could copy these options from the working computer to the notebook, and immediately restored them by a few mouse clicks after reinstalling Delphi. I just wonder why Borland haven't done this themselves yet. >>

Alexander Rudenko