Main Window of MultiProfile

The main window includes two areas: the 1st area includes a list of profiles created for the development tool and the 2nd includes a list of all development tools installed (separated into groups). MultiProfile automatically finds different versions of all development tools at your computer and groups them by name.

MultiProfile Settings

Use MultiProfile Settings to customize it

Online Flash Demo

View online flash-demo, which demonstrates how you may work with several versions of third-party components at once (versions of the same libraries in different projects)

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50 (1 copy)


I'm working on several versions of the same project. These versions are using different versions of third-party components. This is complete "BPL hell"! But MultiProfile helped me to resolve it. I can even run Delphi with different project versions simultaneitly, and I don't see the message "this unit compiled with different version of..." anymore! >>

Alex Tischenko,