System requirements and compatibility with third-party products

  • Supports Borland Delphi 2-7, BDS 2005-2007 (including Turbo Delphi and Turbo C++), Borland C++ Builder 3-6 and Borland C# Builder.
  • Supports products which keep options and settings in the system registry.

Profile control

  • Creates profile groups for the programmes set in IDESettings.ini.
  • Creates new profiles, deletes and renames existing profiles.
  • Automatically saves IDE settings in the defined profile on closing IDE.
  • Copies existing profiles and exports the profiles as system registry files.

Special features

  • Simultaneous launch of multiple IDE versions in different profiles.
  • Quick access to profiles from the system tray.
  • Automatic MultiProfile launch on Windows start.
Prices in Euro:

50 (1 copy)


I'm working on several versions of the same project. These versions are using different versions of third-party components. This is complete "BPL hell"! But MultiProfile helped me to resolve it. I can even run Delphi with different project versions simultaneitly, and I don't see the message "this unit compiled with different version of..." anymore! >>

Alex Tischenko,